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Hello, I'm Edward Bowen, YourTechnologyDirector, helping companies like yourselves find the best web tools out there for your business.

Today I'd like to talk to you about a web agency that I would recommend. And there's not too many of those around.

They're based in Surrey, I know they've done a good job.

I'll tell you how I know is because when I was finishing up with my successful web agency, when I needed a break from technology,

I had a call from a company in distress that had been working with a web agency for a year, and the web agency had come aground with their project.

It was going nowhere, and they wanted me to help.

But I explained that I was no longer taking on any new clients, and the agency that I recommended is this particular agency.

They did a great job by all accounts, and they did the design, the build, the online marketing, and they did some of the development as well.

So they did the whole solution that the client needed. It was a big project. It was a £40-50k project.

And, it all went well. So I can recommend them wholeheartedly.

The agency is called Thunderbolt Digital. They're based in Farnham.

It's worth giving them a call.

And, by all means please let me know how you get on.

If you need any help with your finding the right web tools for the business contact myself, if you need help with your web site contact Thunderbolt Digital.

I'm an enterprising technologist, helping clients make the most of the technology out there. I'm constantly looking and researching new technologies out there can help your business flourish.

I ran my own web agency from 2003-18 and worked with MDs of small businesses, 3 of which went out to sell for over £18m.

If you are struggling with your technology, contact me and I'll be happy to advise.


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