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> Terms & Conditions 

1. Gumption Web Solution Agency Ltd (company No. 4784740) otherwise known as GUMPTION, trades as 'Your Technology Director'.

2.  The client will provide all the necessary data and other information as and when required by GUMPTION. If there is any delay in providing the desired/necessary information from the client's side, then there may be a subsequent delay in the deliverables. The software development will be done at GUMPTION'S development centre. 
3.  The client will designate a point of contact for the purpose of interacting with GUMPTION'S personnel involved with the project. The point of contact will be responsible for all sign offs between the client and GUMPTION, acceptances, release of further job orders, release of our payments, providing the necessary information and resources to GUMPTION needed for development etc and his comments/confirmations will be accepted as the clients comments/confirmations.  
4.  Orders once placed cannot be cancelled. The software is warranted for a period of 30 days after the project has been signed-off from the client. During the warranty period, only bug fixes will be executed. Any additional new request that were outside the scope the project will be charged extra for.

5. The assigned personnel on the project will work dedicatedly and diligently under GUMPTION's supervision. The works delivered will be done to GUMPTION's best efforts. If the client requests for working files/source files, then all completed works including source files will be handed over to the client on the completion of the contract period and on receipt of full payment as per invoices raised. GUMPTION’s responsibility on the deliverables will be till the end of the contract period only and no tasks will be taken up on expiration of the contract period. Once the contract expires, GUMPTION will handover all work files to the client if requested and then on GUMPTION will not be responsible for the performance, integrity, quality or security of the codes delivered. 
6. The charges do not include any fees for marketing. Above charges do not include any fees for photography of your products, content development.  
7. Client will have to procure all necessary software and Server/Hosting rights required for the development of the project and will have to provide the same to GUMPTION to carry out the development. 

8.  Force Majeure: GUMPTION shall not be liable for any breach of its obligations resulting from causes beyond its reasonable control. 
9. Client agrees to provide all content (Including but not limited to images and text) and specifications. Gumption Web Solutions Ltd is not liable or responsible for any content, site activities or businesses conducted on the site and client agrees to bear full responsibility for the same in the event of any action from a third party and indemnify GUMPTION on the same. 
10. All fees are fixed unless otherwise stated. Only points explicitly listed in the spec document will be included in the fixed fee.
11. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. Late payment will incur an extra fee of 7.5% of the total outstanding amount.
12. All figures quoted exclude VAT, which will be charged accordingly. 
13. All quotes, unless otherwise stated, are valid for 30 days from the time of receiving the quote. 
14. The quotes do not include the costs of travel and any additional disbursements, which can be reclaimed from the client. 
15.  Solely responsible is defined as ‘an act of neglect or a failing to take a reasonable duty of care that can be directly attributed to GUMPTION.
16.  GUMPTION cannot be held responsible for the late delivery of the project, caused by ‘acts of god’, terrorism or the late delivery of information or feedback from the client including images, text and any other information the client has agreed to supply as part of the project. 

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