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Bespoke Web Development

How to do bespoke web development well 

Bespoke web development is something I've done an awful lot of over the years.

It can be a complete game changer for a lot of companies allowing them to either run their business in a way they could only dream or so they could scale, change their business model, or give them a competitive advantage. 

Below are good examples of my bespoke development capabilities, and more helpful info about how to do it well.

 > Complete dating website built  

Around 2004 we built a complete bespoke dating website for It was a huge project that included unique website design and was completed in around 6 weeks and built on a crazily low budget for a client. This was a great introduction for me into development.


The website is still going strong today and with its original logo.

Bespoke Dating Website Development

 > Email newsletter tool built  

In 2005 for 4 years I invested and built a complete bespoke email newsletter software solution for my business, largely based on the likes Constant Contact and Mail Chimp. This was a whole new level up from a dating site. We had to learn about email deliverability; sending emails in a very controlled manner and also using an advanced editor users could edit and set up their newsletters. Technically the solution was excellent. Where it struggled was the cost of acquiring new customers was just too high in the end. Lesson learned:)!

Bespoke Email Newsletter Tool Development

 > The Project Portal, bespoke business system built 

To help my agency manage work internally – assigning project and tasks to staff - I put together the solution and worked with developers to make this happen. This was a business system specific to my business (also known as an ERP) that revolutionised our own work practices, streamlining projects and making them easier to manage and track and for staff to keep on top of work. It removed a lot of stress and wasted time chasing up everyone.

This is another project that gives me 100% confidence to deliver bespoke coding services.

Bespoke Project Portal Development

 > CatNet, a business changing online ordering system for clients who sold their business for £20m+ 

This bespoke website started off costing £10k.


Building a bespoke B2B online ordering system that was integrated with the clients business system/ERP, called Orderwise.

The client had devised a new business model and their first client to use their system was Tesco. Other retailers came on later, and the tools evolved to accommodate their requirements.

The total spend for this bespoke B2B portal development project was over £500k. The solution also included APIs, reports, Android and Apple apps, versions in Chinese and French, different levels of access for super users, managers and admin plus much more.

Bespoke  B2B online ordering system Development

 > Small ERP/business system to streamline printers jobs built 

For GoReusable.Org, an initiative selling branded reusable eco cups to organisations, we used printers to get the logos on cups for clients. Initially we’d send the jobs through by email, but it was soon clear that we needed a system to manage the workflow properly, help streamline and scale the business. This worked like a dream.

Bespoke ERP  Development

>  What was my role in the bespoke web development? 

I researched the solutions and put together the technical specifications for the developer and client to work from. I find the developers and project managed the work, and where necessary tested the tool to make sure the delivery was up to scratch.

>  What technologies do we use for bespoke web development? 

I used PHP developers, who are familiar with Linux, Apache and MySQL.

>  What are your main tips when doing bespoke website development?  

Have a clear idea of what you are developing. This means putting a very detailed specification together from the start and get the client to sign off on it. Any extra elements then outside this specification are extra tasks.

Break the project down into stages - and get sign off after each stage before continuing. Everyone has to be happy with the project before continuing.

Developers tend to be very optimistic on their time estimates. There are always extra complexities. I would factor this into the quote so the price is realistic.

If you follow these principles you should always bring in a project on time and to budget, whilst minimising risks.

>  How can I help you? 

I can spec out and research the solution and either work with your developers, find freelancers or an agency and project manage the work to success.

 How much do these bespoke web development projects cost? 

Typically, they would start from a £5k, but on occasions can be smaller.

 How can bespoke web development help your business? 

It can help to streamline, automate, scale your business to make it more profitable, remove stress and dramatically increase the sale value of your business (if and when you come to sell it). 

 What should you do next? 

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