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How to get the best out AI for your business? 

 >  AI really became a mainstream technology when ChatGPT 4 was launched in March 2023.

The touchpaper for AI applications was lit and the world will never be the same again!

How can advance AI technologies help your business?

Pick my brains -> 

 > Does ChatGPT really live up to its big billing and which businesses benefit from it? 

ChatGPT is an astonishing piece of technology. It can benefit every working professionals out there as handy assistant. I’ve used it many times since its launch and it has completely won me over. ChatGPT is a language model based on GPT 4 & GPT 3.5 Turbo model – capable of writing and understanding text. 

You can ask GPT 4 model chatbots any questions about any subject and it uses the web as its source to formulate an answer. Using generative AI is faster than traditional search, with the likes of Google, as you don’t have to go clicking on loads of search results to find the answer. It does that for you and comes back with its answer.

It’s more powerful than just being good at responding to questions. It can also write text based on the instructions you give. You can ask it to write say 1,000 words on a particular topic, which is ideal if you are a student or write a blog. It’ll research and write the content in a matter of seconds.

It’s not that it can just write text, but it can write it in a certain style – say you gave it the rough text from your minutes of a meeting, it will rewrite this text in the style of formal minutes. Or you can ask it to write a sales email or write your CV for example or write the text you have given it in the form or a Shakespearean sonnet. It is mind blowingly good. 

The answer to “who can use it?” – is everyone. I can be used as a tool to help research text, improve text and save time.

 > What are the limitations of ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT, whilst quick, can sometimes be inaccurate, so you can’t rely on it 100%. You will need to sense check the information as it can at times simply “hallucinate” and make up information. This is why I’d describe ChatGPT as a tool – it is there to help you, not to replace you (yet).

 > How is ChatGPT evolving? 

ChatGPT which is part of, is one of a handful of AI chatbots products on offer. There are also other products to help:

  • Code creator/interpreter module – which can write computer code for you in seconds based on the instructions you can gave it. It can in theory write applications, but in reality is very much there to help coders save time.

  • Data analysis – you can with the help of a plug ask it to analysis data you have. It will be able to look for patterns, interpret the data and run statistical analysis, far quicker than you can do in Excel

  • Create realistic images – you can give it instructions for an image you would like e.g. and red apple with a bite mark in it and it will generate that image in seconds.


Open AI are developing more products to help over time so expect more. Third parties are creating plugins, which you can use in Openai to help get more use cases out the tool.


On top of this external third party applications are integrating with OpenAI to make their tools more generative AI friendly.


We’re seeing also AI products that are able to describe the image or video.  Lastly AI can be used to score responses to questions and help you to automatically rate a candidates knowledge for example.

Overtime expect Artificial Technology  to become more standard technology in our everyday lives. We are just at the start of the AI journey.

 > How can I access ChatGPT? 

You can set up a free account on and if you want to access more advanced features like the plugs you can pay $20 a month, or to use their API pay according to your usage.

 > How to quickly access ChatGPT? 

If you go to and click on chat option in the top menu, you can access ChatGPT that way and ask questions. No need to login and it is free.

 > What is the key to successfully using ChatGPT 

The key seems to be in knowing ChatGPT’s limitations and know how to give it the right instructions also known as prompts. Prompt engineering can make you a master of chatbots like chatGBP .

 > What are the best use cases for Artificial Intelligence currently in business? 

On top of using it to help write and improve text here are some of my favourites:

  • Creating your own GPT – you can create your own knowledge base designed to answer very specific questions in depth. This can be a great internal and external resource.

  • Auto write email response - It is possible for ChatGPT to receive your incoming mails and automatically write responses. Now I wouldn’t recommend automatically sending them out. I’d suggest they are put in your ‘Draft’ folder and you check them before sending them. AI writing the responses will help save you time and should just mean they need a quick edit.

  • AI chatbots – in theory these should be great. Give the chatbot all the relevant information and they should be as good or possibly even better than your average support staff. These need to be tested before using.

  • AI support agent – a bit like a chatbot I see the likes of AirBnB are now using AI to respond to guests messages. This does speed things up definitely, but you can tell it is an AI response.

  • Analysing text – give it the text and ask it to analyse or summarise the text and it will do a grand job.

  • Workforce schedule optimisation - AI optimises scheduling for companies by considering factors like employee availability, customer traffic, and skillsets, benefiting major corporations like Walmart, Starbucks, Costco, Delta Airlines, Target, and others.

  • AI to analysis data – it can automatically check the data and alert you to any potential issues and analyse and give you summary of what the data is saying.

  • Creating images - is widely regarded as the best image generator out there.  You can upload an image of yourself and ask it to create a presidential version of that photo!

 > Will AI completely take over? 

Certainly not at the moment. The AI solutions out there can be extremely powerful but currently are designed to be tools to help and assist you with tasks – to save time and improve quality of outputs and can be used to help your business grow and gain a competitive advantage. 

In 3-5 years time though, Artificial Intelligence will have advanced to a point where certainly in certain circumstances it will be able to do a better job than humans and are likely to replace some roles. But like all technology, it should help make businesses more productive and allow existing staff to move on to other areas of the business where they can add more value.

 > How can YourTechnologyDirector help you with AI? 

You can learn about AI from the web, but if you don’t have the time, resource or expertise inhouse and need help to understand how it can be applied to your business then, pick my brains -> 

We can help to research the best existing AI tools out there for your business or build custom AI solutions to boost your brand.

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