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Law Firm Blown Away By This AI Demo -

I wanted to run through this little 4 min demo here showing why law firms should be sitting up and taking note of AI.

You can see the video here or read the details of the demo below.

The legal profession is one of the areas that the UK government has already noted will be most impacted by AI.

But I get the sense that law firms at the moment are in denial and don't want to really take this technology on and are ignoring it.

However, I showed this to one law firm and they were totally wowed and blown over by it.

So let me just show you some of the stuff that I showed the law firm and they went wow this is just crazy.

So ok so if you look at the first example up here. I have written I have a client who is a single mum with a young child.

Her landlord is trying to evict her. What are her legal options? So ChatGPT, isn't a solicitor, so it's not going to give you advice, but it's going to give you information.

Example of AI giving legal help

And what ChatGPT returned here was a lot of useful information. It said you need to review your tenancy agreement, ensure property notice has been given, seek legal advice, contact uh a local council, and challenge the eviction plus other few bits and pieces.

It also said that what the immediate steps were document everything, review the tenancy agreement, and seek legal consultation.

So straight away when we showed a law firm how ChatGPT just came out with this information in seconds, they were blown away.

It was a real eye opener for them. A real eureka moment or at least a wake up call for them that things are going to change because what this means is that individuals and businesses can go to ChatGPT and find information out very quickly and easily that they might have gone to a law firm before.

So companies and individuals are going to be less dependent on law firms as things stand. So law firms need to change how they're going to operate perhaps. How the business model is going to operate.

And if they're not really getting involved with the technology then they're going to get left behind. And the fear is that they could be left behind forever and really very quickly.

Let me just show you another example of how the law firm, blown away by AI.

I've written in ChatGPT, "I need a will, can you write one?" So, ChatGPT said I can guide you on the key elements typically included in a will, so that's kind of interesting, but not really what I asked it.

So we scroll down further, I then asked it, "I insist you write a will", and then it says I can write a basic template, so in a flash it wrote the basic template for a will!

AI generating a legal will template in seconds

And again, the law firm we showed this to was blown away, amazed that this can happen, because this means that ChatGPT or AI can take contract templates and create them straight away and create contracts very simply.

Again, you'll still need to probably use a solicitor, in some form, but you're going to be less reliant on them.

So a third example, the last one I'm going to give you, is where I've uploaded a legal contract to ChatGPT and I've asked it to write a summary of the document, in a way that a layman could understand, in plain English. And it did so, and it came back with a paragraph and it was accurate, which was fine.

But then I went on to ask it to, to bullet point the main points, and it did that as well in a flash!

So, this is a way that generative AI, which this is, can help the individual and also the law firm.

AI summarising legal contract

It's going to make what the lawyers do a lot easier and create a lot of shortcuts for lawyers in creating legal documents. In writing up notes and letters to their clients as well as summarising meeting notes in a flash. It might save what what had taken an hour or two and take just half an hour.

This is just a quick introduction on how AI is going to help really shake things up for law firms.

There's a lot more I could go into. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you're interested in discussing this in more detail then by all means give me a shout and I can run through in a little more detail and answer some questions.

Let us know what you think.

I'm an enterprising technologist, helping clients make the most of the technology out there. I'm constantly looking and researching new technologies out there can help your business flourish.

I ran my own web agency from 2003-18 and worked with MDs of small businesses, 3 of which each went out to sell for over £18m.

If you are struggling with your technology, contact me and I'll be happy to advise.


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