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AI Human-like Conversational Chatbots Are Here - Watch a 4 Min Demo With Prototype

Updated: Mar 1

Check out my 4 min video running through an example of an AI human-like conversational chat bot. I think you'll be impressed:

In case you can't access the video read about the demo here:

I'm a SME technologist, I like to specialise in working with technology that can help small and medium sized businesses

And today I think I've got a real cracker for you. It's an AI conversational chatbot.

We're not talking about the old style chatbots that you've seen over the years. Maybe when you went to do online banking and had to use a chatbot and you'd ask it a question.

If it matches your question against one of their rules, it would come back with a standard answer.

The conversational chatbot actually, understands your question. It knows the information that it's been given and then comes up with the best answer.

If you asked the same question again, it would still come back with slightly different way of answering the question like a human would.

It can remember the conversation you have within that dialogue. So it's really pretty impressive I think. So let me show you an example I've done for a law firm.

I put together a prototype just to show them how this technology could help them. So as you can see here the chatbot starts off with saying "hi I'm your legal AI chatbot" so I'll just say "hi" and now it's thinking.

So I'll wait for the response. "How can I assist you today?" So I'll say "I am looking for help with conveyancing". Let's see what it comes back with.

It's come back with "So you're looking to move in the next 30 days how, how many bedrooms do you have?" So I'll say. "Yes, next 30 and 4 bedrooms".

Human-like AI chatbot asking questions

Okay, let's see what it comes back with now. So this conversational chatbot requires a little bit of training. You have to put the right information and need to give it the right instructions.

So it's saying, "what specific information do you need". I will ask it to "please give provided a quote for buying'

Let's see what it comes up with.

It's given a quote as instructed. "For a four bedroom property, the standard advanced fee, is £1,050. Since you're looking to move in the next 30 days (which we are), there's the expedite fee of of 10% making an additional £105, the total comes to £1,155. This calculation is right!

Ai conversational chatbot calculating quote

So it's taking the conversation now and creating a lead for the law firm. So let's take a look.

It's asking for the name, number and time to contact us. I'll say "Jeff, I'll give you a random number and say it after 4 p.m".

Ok. Let's see what it comes back with. It's come back with "Thank you Jeff for your contact details (so it's personalised it now because it knows I'm Jeff!). I will arranged for a solicitor to call on the number I've given after 4pm. Is there anything else I can assist you with?."

AI conversational chatbot taking lead contact details

So this just gives you a quick flavour of how the conversation works and the tone that it can use. It's much more human-like, and more empathetic and more conversational. So hopefully that's of some use to you. If you're interested in this area let us know.

I've done a lot of work, looking at the generative AI for law firms but it applies to all businesses and it's gonna be big as well.

So give us a shout and let's know your thoughts.

Thank you very much. Okay. Bye bye.

I'm an enterprising technologist, helping clients make the most of the technology out there. I'm constantly looking and researching new technologies out there can help your business flourish.

I ran my own web agency from 2003-18 and worked with MDs of small businesses, 3 of which went out to sell for over £18m.

If you are struggling with your technology, contact me and I'll be happy to advise.

For more info about how AI can help your business read my article on 'How to use AI to make your business more efficient.''


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