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B2B Email List Building

How to build your highly targeted B2B email list in days 

 >  Building your own list used to take months and years and be expensive

In 2003 when I started my previous successful web agency, GUMPTION, I spent days and days going to networking meetings picking up business cards to build my sales and marketing database. It proved fruitful but slow, expensive and hard work.

The real challenge is that most business decision makers work in silos and are extremely hard to reach. With our next generation B2B list building solution I think I have the answer, to help crack open new markets quickly.

 > Next gen B2B list building is here 

Now you can identify who your targeted email list prospects are at a very detailed level – job description, location down to town, size of company, years experience – and find their email addresses. This is a highly targeted approach, and our email list segmentations are 95%+ accurate, which is as accurate as you can get.
With this approach we can find your contacts and their email addresses within days, in a way that is cost effective and be able to get in front of those elusive prospects.

 > A list building service born out of necessity  

I researched, designed and tested out this as part of my own lead generation strategy, when I wanted to contact technology MD’s in Surrey. My expectation was so low, that I thought I’d be lucky to get a 1% response rate when in fact I got an 7% response rate.

5. The next challenge is then, for want of a better word, to scrap the results of Navigator. Doing this by hand would just take too long. I’ve tested various ways of doing this and my favourite tool is

6. Once you have scraped all the details you need – name, company, website url are the essentials - you can then use an ‘email finder’ to find the email addresses. There are loads around – which I have tested. Surprisingly, the accuracy between tools varies a lot – some are very good, others not so. My favourite is Hunter.  

 > How to build B2B lists in 9 steps 

I’m going to lift the lid on this game changing B2B email list building solution. By following this steps you can acquire B2B contact list that converts.

1. First you need to subscribe to Sales Navigator on LinkedIn.

2. Once in Navigator you can then do a search to find your highly targeted prospects. 

3. There are a number of filters you can use but usually location (down to town level), size of company, job description, years of experience and industry are the most useful.

4. For me I contacted MDs, owners and founders of ‘technology, Information & Internet’ industry in Surrey, company size 1-10. There were 364 results.

Linkedin Sales Navigator for B2B Email List Building
Bulk Email Finder for B2B Email List Building

7. Typically, Hunter will find accurate targeted B2B email database for around 50% of your targets. Using the Hunter score remove any records with a score under 80. The rest you can be highly confident in using.

8. Once you have your email addresses you then need to clean your lists, removing duplicates, checking names look correct, and removing any personal emails that may have been added. You would be breaking GDPR if you send to personal email addresses, so this is important for 

9. YOU NOW HAVE YOUR HIGHLY TARGETED EMAIL LIST. You can then if you are a sales person email a message individually to each recipient, or use automated lead generation or use the list for a more soft marketing e-newsletter!

>  You can do this yourself or get our help? 

There is some time involved still in running through this process, and learning, so you may still prefer to use my services to help. A lot of business owners and staff are simply too busy to do this and prefer to outsource. I’m here to help if you need me.

 What should you do next? 

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