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​Hire a Freelance IT Project Manager 

Hire a Freelance IT Project Manager 

 >  Whilst at my web agency for 15 years my role was quite diverse...

...I spent the majority of my time managing projects ranging for £1k website design projects to managing £900k of bespoke web development work for one client and the roll out of cutting edge in store RFID technology, including a £900k in a flag ship store in LA.

 > What kind of projects have I managed: 

Web projects – with a mix of design, copywriting, SEO, web building, web development, PPC, social media, translators, clients IT and ERP provider. Mainly working with designers, copywriters, SEO experts, web developers.

3 example RFID projects managed: 

  1. setting up 3 state of the art RFID showrooms in Hong Kong, London and New Yorks Empire State building working with show room designers, RFID technology supplier in Barcelona, IT, marketing & sales and my web team in India. The role also involved designing the technical solution and presenting the solution to the board. Budget of £200K+ each project.


  1. Setting up a state-of-the-art RFID experience at Lucky Brand’s flagship store in LA – working with Lucky Brands IT & marketing teams and store fitters, client’s sales team, RFID partners in Barcelona, and my Indian web team. £900K+ budget


  1. Setting up a state-of-the-art RFID experience at Harvey Nichols store in Birmingham – working with Harvey Nichols IT & marketing teams and store fitters, client’s sales team, RFID partners in Barcelona, and my Indian web team. £300K+ budget

 > Managing project resources across the world, across different cultures and time zones 

For the web work the work required project managing UK resources and Indian team.

When it came to the RFID work the team members were based in India, Spain, UK and the US (New York and LA). I meant an early start and late finish quite often.

Working with Western countries seems to be straightforward – the level of professionalism the cultures are very similar. Working with India has its challenges for sure, but once you get used to the ways things work, the fog clears and projects become manageable. 

 > What were the keys to successfully delivering a project? 

When project managing you are constantly looking to make sure you hit the budget, deadline and assessing the risks.

  • Building in contingency

  • Good relationship with team

  • An appreciation the full complexity of tasks

  • Problem solving – understanding the issues and understanding all the options

  • Keeping the client informed with regular updates and putting in place key mile stones (but running the projects largely autonomously)

  • Looking 3 steps ahead for potential issues

  • Using first principles approach and assuming nothing.

>  What else can I bring to a role apart from project management skills? 

 I can bring my business background the commercial input into the project, helping bring technology to market in a way that will make money.

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