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Rapid Market Testing

 All too often entrepreneurs have a   great idea, get excited, invest a lot to   only then realise they can't reach their   target market. 

Before getting carried away with a business idea, we recommend running tests to see if you can reach your market in a cost effective way that generates the numbers you are expecting. With our solution you can do this quickly in a lower cost way. 

> Rapid marketing testing 

All too often entrepreneurs get so excited by an idea they go ahead an build a complex website, buy loads of stock, etc and only then stop to think how are we doing to reach their market.


This is always the vital and overlooked point – how am I going to reach my market? But not only that you need to do it an effective way that makes the numbers stack up.

It’s the cost of sales and marketing that you really need to understand. How much is it going to cost to get each sale?

One way to do this with minimum risk is to reverse engineer the marketing and sales. This can be done before taking on any stock and without great cost, by building a testing website in days and then testing conversion of paid traffic. This is where we can help.

> Rapid Market Testing Case Study

Testing lead to risk free £10k spend on Google Ads, that generate over £300k of sales and £120k of gross profit

Rapid Market Testing Case Study

> Did you know... 

.. this website was built using this exact solution. It was built in 4 days (compared to 3 weeks using standard conventional solutions) and at the fraction of the cost.

Test a the market rapidly with me,

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