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 Rescue and recovery of a project

 If your web project hits the   buffers and you don't know where   to turn to, we are here 

It happens, more often that you’d care to imagine, that a web agency or technology provider can’t deliver on the solution promised and the client is left stranded.

> Rescue and recovery 

In some cases agencies battle on for months trying to deliver the solution but it doesn’t move forward. The client perseveres, having invested thousands of pounds hoping things will turnaround. This is just one example of when things can go wrong.

On these occasions we can come in, advise on the chances of success with current agency, and if it is realistically recoverable we can put in place a rescue agreed action plan with the existing agency. If not, we can suggest an alternative provider.

Best advice for rescuing a project

Discretion, objectivity
and best advice 

Acting as your businesses own technology director, representing your best interests and making certain your business is getting the most out of your website and web technology.

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