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Wix is my #1 web technology for small businesses

Out of all the technologies out there on the web that have made large leaps forward for small businesses in the last few years, my number 1 choice is is a website builder, and there are plenty of them out there. For many years I've spoken about website builders with derision. The sites they produced looked awful, had very limited ability to get good rankings on Google and had very limited functionality. They were very basic!

I was always an advocate when I had my web agency for building custom built websites. We were one of the very few who would build websites from scratch and this meant we could build exactly to the client's requirements: the functionality and design. These were the Rolls Royce of websites and using Indian web designers we could do these at an affordable price. So to now back a website builder like is a big turnaround.

Of course, custom websites still have their place. They are great for those that have the budget and can wait for them to be built, but is a game changer for small businesses. It's the most powerful website builder out there, by a country mile in my opinion. You can do an awful lot but you can't build every thing exactly as you would like, so there are some compromises but the upsides of speed and costs for many companies totally outweigh the downsides. These Wix website are not seriously impressive, and effective!

Best web site builder

Take this website as a case in point. I built this using If I had gone to a web agency they would have charged £2000+, and taken 4-6 weeks to turnaround. My venture is new and is constantly evolving all the time at the moment, so not only did this take days to build and cost a fraction, I know I can quickly make any changes I need to make and do this in hours (not days, as would be the case with an agency). This speed advantage is hugely important, as time is money especially with a new enterprise.

Also within a few weeks of going live, this web site is now number 11 on Google for 'Freelance technology director', which is unheard of, so you can see first-hand that the sites are SEO friendly.

Of course, you need to take time to learn the Wix solution. We can help in three ways:

  1. training or advising you on your site

  2. building it for you

  3. or a mix of the two above

We also built another website on for a conservatory repair company that sold £70k of business through the web in the first, month but that is another story.

Who knows, at some point I may go down the route of using an agency and building a custom or Wordpress site, when the company has out grown, the business model has settled down and we have more time to wait and more budget to spend.

About 'Your Technology Director'

Acting as your business's own affordable technology director, researching & implementing off-the-shelf and custom technology solutions rapidly, finding technology partners and ultimately making sure you are getting the most out of your website and web technology.

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