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Surprising Results: Indian vs UK SEO Experts – Who's Better?

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

SEO is a highly competitive area, with loads of companies offering the services.

Indian vs UK Seo Expert

The fundamental principles behind SEO have not changed that much over the years and they are relatively easy to pick up. Making it easy for new competitors to come into the market with great sales pitches, charging the earth, and doing extraordinarily little apart from providing monthly 'activity' reports.

At the same time, SEO has never been more important for organizations. A top ranking on Google for a top searched term could be worth many millions and make or break a business. With also the price of Google Ads having dramatically risen, the top positions are worth even more than ever.

The question is then where are the best SEO experts, Indian vs UK SEO experts? I spent a few weeks carrying out some research to see how the Indian SEO expert’s knowledge compared with UK experts. I put together a series of 15 SEO questions of varying degrees of difficulty, with multiple-choice answers and a time limit. 50 Indian SEO experts and 50 UK SEO experts randomly selected took the challenge and I can reveal that on average the Indian SEO experts scored 78%, while the UK SEO experts scored 83%.

This was a close result and one that some might find surprising. With SEO experts in India earning around £6k compared to more like £30k a year in the UK, though value for money you would have to go with India.

If you need help assessing how well your SEO is performing and if you are getting value for money, then get in touch.

About YourTechnologyDirector

Today I continue to be passionate about helping small and medium-sized businesses grow. I bring all my experience with technology, managing projects, and working with India to act as your own affordable flexible in-house technology director, representing your interests. Researching and executing solutions as rapidly as possible, at prices that work and help you get the max out of the technology out there.

"Today it's not just about your website and getting more leads. It is much more than that. It is about getting the maximum out of the web technologies available and helping your business streamline, scale, grow, and achieve a premium sale price (if you are looking to sell at some point)".

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