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We are 50% less expensive than an Indian web development agency - how is that possible?

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

I started working with India back in 2003 when development prices were crazily low, but the quality was a bit suspect.

Now 20 years later, India is the world's software development leader. Prices of software developers have rocketed 5-fold in 20 years, but the quality is better, and the prices are still hugely favorable compared to developing in the UK or other software outsourcing locations.

I worked with an Indian web agency for the first 6 years of my web agency. It worked pretty well on the whole, but the issue is it works well until you're no longer a priority for them and then it gets tricky. The quality of service drops, and the prices continue to rise and they've got you tied in!

I'm fortunate, that I've worked with a large number of Indian web professionals over the years, including many web developers. I can spot a good one quickly. We're talking within minutes, so I no longer need to work through Indian web agencies. This is part of our magic sauce which means we can actually provide web solutions at a lower price than Indian web agencies.

Looking at quotes I had from Indian web development agencies for projects we've done, we're 50% cheaper all in! Plus, I'd say the quality of delivery and service is better too.

50 percent less expensive than Indian web development agencies

Ever wonder why we're less expensive than an Indian web development agency? Indian agencies bear big overheads, from expensive office space to a complex, staff-heavy model. With 5-10 specialists per project, miscommunication and delays are inevitable. Our approach is different—we work directly with talented Indian web developers, eliminating inefficiencies, and reducing costs by up to 50%. Download the first 4 chapters of our West Meets East Report for insights into our streamlined model, offering top-quality solutions for small and medium-sized businesses at a fraction of the cost, even less expensive than an Indian web development agency.

My model is clear. I find the most talented Indian web developers and work with them directly. I pay them well, and they have the skills to do all the coding, from the front-end designs to the bespoke web development and testing of their own work. A large part of their salary is performance-related, and it pays for them to be good as they are handsomely rewarded for delivering quality work. This is a highly efficient approach and means clients get the work carried out at the lowest prices for the best quality.

I worked directly with them so, I know how to get the best out of them and can speak their technical language. I researched the solution, detailed the solution, and project managed the developers, making sure the end delivery is correct. It's far from easy, development is not easy, but we make it look easy!

We're not looking to become a large agency. Our model is to stay small, offer the best quality and value, and work with clients who really value what we are doing. It's not surprising over the years how many clients have really connected with our approach and been keen to use us more and more to give them a competitive advantage as we help them grow.

About YourTechnologyDirector

Edward had his own web agency from 2003-2018. Now he's back and putting more innovative web solutions in place for small and medium-sized businesses to help them grow and flourish.

One of our core services is web development. If you have a project in mind, or think we could help but are unclear as to how, then contact us and we'll be able to help.

Read about Edward's adventures working with India, in his West Meets East Report. Download the first 4 chapters here.

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