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Streamline and scaling a business - how I did it

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

If you want to grow a business, you'll need a web system behind it.

In 2018 I set up GoReusable.Org. I'd figured I'd spent years helping other businesses with their web presence and made a number of them fortunes and now was the time for me to strike out and set up my own venture and put all my know-how to good use!

The easiest businesses to scale are product-based businesses. It's very much a case of boxes in and then boxes out! You could try e-commerce and sell to consumers but 99 times out of 100, you'll just about breakeven each year. My preferred route is to sell to businesses. So, I with that in mind, I researched a few markets and found that eco reusable cups were hot. I found which ones were best, bamboo cups, and had a thought. I could sell these to businesses as branded cups - I could basically add a company's brand to each cup.

Before going further, I quickly market tested the demand by setting a quick test website and using Google Ad words. The results were stunning. The financials stood up and I went about find a manufacturer in China.

GoReusable Website

We had to find a good printer, and once we did so, the orders came in and we were going great guns. The main challenge we had then was streamlining and scaling the business. We were sending all the orders by email to the printers and then waiting for them to reply by email to accept or decline a job. It just wasn't a professional operation and we were spending too much time following up on emails and the process was open to errors. The business was just becoming unmanageable.

With my expertise in web development, I put together a solution. A web module that a master user, salesperson and printer could login to. The salesperson could set up new print jobs. The printers could accept, and everyone could track the progress easily and update. Emails were also sent daily with a status report on all jobs.

It took around 2 months to go through the complete build process (very quick indeed) and when this launched suddenly the level of stress in the business dropped, everything became easier for us and the printers. It all worked liked clock work with the process as automated as possible to save time.

Print Management Module

With YourTechnologyDirector, we're using all our web experience to provide clients with a range of innovative web solutions and advice. One of which is bespoke web development. We have vast amount of experience of building bespoke web systems to help business streamline, scale and become more saleable. One client even went on to sell his business for over £20m.

If you are not sure how your business could benefit from our bespoke web development offering, contact us and we'll carry out a review to see where we can help.


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