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Finding a Retail RFID partner for a client

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Back in 2013-2016 I helped a client set up their RFID offering to sell to their retail clients.

The client was keen for me to build the technology from scratch, but as flattered as I was, the cost of developing the technologies and learning from mistakes would have been huge. Instead, I advised them the right solution was to find a cutting-edge RFID technology partner. We actually flew to China to visit one such company the client knew, but it soon became clear their technology was limited and language, time differences and culture were real obstacles.

The job of finding the partner, left clearly with me, I scoured the market and had many conversations. I even attended the RFID exhibition in the US.

The technology was at an exciting point, where the cost of the RFID labels had come down dramatically and were now at a level where they were attractively priced. There was real interest from the retailers to take a closer look at the technology and start to understand how it could help them.

RFID showroom Hong Kong Corp Magazine Photo (I'm far right)

There was one RFID supplier that stood out with the right technology, team of experts and approach. They understood my client's vision and 100% committed to supporting them and were based in Europe. The RFID supplier understood my client had the access to most of the US top fashion retailers, so the fit was perfect.

My next job was to put together showrooms to showcase the vision and the technology to retailers. The first was set up in Hong Kong, in my client's parent company's offices. I was responsible for setting up this showroom. It was an interesting project with the time difference and distance. I could not see the showroom space first-hand so managed instead to get hold of a CAD drawing of it and worked with a UK store designer, local facilities manager and the technology partner to plan and build the space.

While the space was planned and built the RFID partner was executing the technology requirements I had outlined for the showroom. These were ambitious plans and required the RFID partner to take their solution to a new level. With great enthusiasm to they rose to the challenge.

Within 4 months we all flew out to Hong Kong and set up the complex state-of-the-art showroom set up as a retail store, with smart screens, smart inventory shelves, smart fitting rooms and smart check out. The whole solution was presented to the parent company's executive board, and they loved it. The go ahead was given for the roll out of showrooms in London, Shanghai and New York.

This was just the start of the journey.

Watch out of the next post... about what happened next.

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